Back on the Wagon

As we inch towards the end of the summer, I’m trying yet again to eat healthy. I’ve never eaten especially unhealthy, but I definitely have a love of french fries. Anyone with kids knows that after a morning of running around and errands, that drive through is JUST SO EASY. It’s also no surprise that after a vacation where I was fed by my parents and another weekender with a (few) margaritas, it’s time to buckle down and get serious before the holidays sneak up on us (which they always do, no?). One extra pound turns to 2, then to 5, to 10, and so on. Not getting any younger here so time to change some habits.

Today we’re making blueberry muffins with hemp hearts, a sample I received from Manitoba. They pack a punch of protein and instead of getting that danish for breakfast and then being hungry 20 minutes later, hopefully will keep us all full for a good portion of the morning. I got the recipe here and hope that all in the family will love them. Here’s hoping! One more week of vacation for these kids, then back to preschool and school-school and schedules and craziness. They’re ready though, and so am I!


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