Ramping back up

It’s been a while! Now with a 6 and a 3 year old, things are still crazy, but I finally have some time to blog again. This summer is the first summer that I’ve had both kids home the entire summer – 10 weeks (but I’m not counting or anything).

I’ve tried to mix up busy activity-filled days with low key at-home days. Sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it’s a hot mess. What I’ve realized is that my kids can really only handle a few activities a day out of the house, and then all hell breaks loose. Maybe some kids can be out all day, but not mine. They are homebodies to some degree. It’s been a lesson we’ve had to learn by trial and error by having some pretty epic meltdowns in public places (that’s always FUN, no?) and I’ve had to learn to be OK with dropping everything and just coming home.

The good news though, is that they are happy pulling out a bunch of toys and playing for hours, or riding bikes outside, and don’t bug me for exciting adventures every 5 minutes. They’re also at an age now where they will (mostly) play well together for a while, and they can play with each other’s toys without fear of anyone choking on anything (hello teeny tiny Legos – yikes!).

We have a few weeks left until the school year starts and scheduled get sort of crazy again, and I get a few days alone to get work and errands done. We’re going to enjoy it whether we’re inside or out!


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