It’s officially summer around here. New swimsuits procured for kiddos and myself (though C is now on his second), lots of water play and summer fruits. We’ve had quite a few warms days so far, with 4th of July being pretty hot (some years the 4th ends up being kind of muggy and cold by fireworks time, so it was nice!).

I also had a birthday this week. Funny how once you have kiddos, your birthday is a bit anti-climactic. C was at school so A and I hung around, went to get my free Jersey’s Mikes sub (great deal for your birthday!), and I tried to hold off on any housework whatsoever (I was mildly successful). Also, over last weekend, we visited a local pub for beer and fish and chips, so I felt like I had already celebrated my birthday.

Our summer is already pretty packed with vacations, weekend visits with friends, etc. and it seems funny, but now that it’s past July 4th, it seems like we’re on a fast countdown to fall. Bring on the pumpkins!!


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