Fun in the Sun

It’s getting hot in Los Angeles, and even though we haven’t ventured out to the local pool for the summer yet, I did buy a small inflatable pool for C to play with on days we can’t get out of the house (new baby and all…). I’m very fair-skinned, and fortunately C is a good cross between me and my very easily to-tan husband. The kid still needs sunscreen however, and usually a lot of it, so when BzzAgent offered a sample of the Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen to me as a BzzAgent, it was perfect timing.

One thing I hate about another brand name’s sunscreen is that even though the protection was excellent, it left a white residue on (including leather car seats, ugh!). The Coppertone went on easily and didn’t leave a huge mess on me (who wasn’t wearing a swimsuit). The samples included both the spray and the lotion. I’m more of an old school lotion fan, the spray (of any brand), just doesn’t really do it for me and seems like not a great value for the ounces in the package.

I was impressed that C was able to play in his pool for over an hour and didn’t burn, and the sunscreen seemed to stay on until I gave him his bath that night. It’s always nice to try a product that works!

Note: I was given samples of Coppertone Clearly Sheer for free, however all opinions are my own


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