Cloth Diapering Fail

When I got pregnant with A, and I wasn’t going back to work, I thought I should try to cloth diaper. I’ve had a few friends who have, and had success, so why not? I found a great deal on a package of cloth diapers at Target, and thought it would be worth trying. I thought that after she was out of the newborn sizes, we’d start to rotate in the few different kinds I bought to see what worked for us. This weekend we tried the first cloth diaper. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, A was napping on my chest and when my husband picked her up, I noticed my shirt was wet – VERY wet. I realized this 10 lb baby had completely soaked a huge cloth diaper insert and her clothes and my clothes in 2 hours. Besides the “ew” factor, all I could think of was how when she starts solids this fall, it could have been much much worse (and more gross!). I tried on another one of the diapers but realized the tightest fitting setting (for a “one size”), still left a huge gap between her fairly chunky baby legs and the diaper. I could already see the leaks…

I decided it’s just not going to work out. Maybe if I didn’t have a 3 year old AND an infant, I could figure it out, but I just didn’t have the stamina to try multiple types of diapers and then try to pawn them off on eBay – used (again, ew). So up on eBay they go. I figure we have a Volt so I’m saving the universe in other ways (right?). 


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