Tic Toc

Well, it’s here. The (very) last leg of this pregnancy. As of last week, I’m officially “full-term”, which means that any day now, little miss could make her debut. It’s been a little nerve wracking since there’s a few more logistics this time around (making sure C is taken care of, my husband works farther away from home now than when we had C, etc.). I also had a relatively fast labor with C, and when your doctor warns you “Just come in, don’t WAIT.”, you get a little nervous. 

C has actually been really great considering he doesn’t really understand how things will change (and nor do I, when I think about it). He talks about baby sister every day, and seems excited to meet her. I just hope it’s not too much of a change for him. I’m actually more worried about that than the extra work for me with two kiddos. Especially because I’m an only child, I really have no frame of reference, and seem to only remember horror stories from my friends who “tortured” their sibling – so that should be fun!

Anyway, the countdown is on, and it’s a little crazy for this planner to not be able to plan for exactly when it will happen. I just know that she’ll be here soon!


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