Rounding the Corner…

As this pregnancy seems to inch to an end, I’m lucky that I’m healthy, and the baby’s healthy. However, I have noticed I feel it so much more than I did with C. I don’t know if it’s that it’s my second, that I’m older, that I’m keeping up with C, or all of the above, but I was still doing a lot and moving a lot more at this point with C than I seem to be able to this time.

Fortunately, C is pretty content with inside (or backyard) activities, like play-doh, learning games on his Kindle, or chalk and bubbles outside since the park or anywhere where I would possibly need to run after him is VERY MUCH out of the question. Also, I want him to get used to inside play as we probably won’t venture out of the house with the little one a lot when she’s new. Right now, I pretty much lie down the minute he goes down for his nap or at night.

Part of me is a little worried that once the baby is here, the adage that 2 kids may as well be 10 is a bit of an exaggeration, but at least I’ll have my body back to myself!


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