Whoa, This Kid is a Person!

Along with some of the challenges of having a 3 year old, I’ve also noticed C is starting to become a real person. “Uhh, wasn’t he a real person when he was born?”, you say. Well yes of course, but what I mean is how his interaction with the world, with us, preschool and play is starting to look like the things we (adults) do everyday. One example is yesterday afternoon, when we were outside playing. C in the past has asked me to draw pictures with chalk for him, but for the first time, wanted to draw something himself. The below potato-looking thing is a garbage truck. It may not look like one, but as he explained what he was drawing (window, wheels, bucket for garbage), I thought “wow, he’s drawing something that is SOMETHING” (vs. crazy crayon lines, etc.).



C is also starting to show preference for doing things left-handed, which is sort of scary (OMG the tribulations of trying to cut with right-handed scissors), but pretty cool too. 

It’s just fun to see your kiddo start to become their own person, and I have to remember that along with the negotiations that are inherent with most 3 year olds, there’s a lot of awesome development going on. 


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