Taming the Preschooler

3 is a really awesome age, and 3 is also the most challenging by far. With a newborn, yes, you’re not sleeping much and trying to figure out what you’re doing, and what the baby needs, but with a 3 year old, communication is easier AND harder. C can tell me what’s going on, but he also can get upset over little things like how the arm on his toy truck is positioned, or how he wants to stay in PJ’s instead of get into school clothes. You can *try* to reason with him, but sometimes it’s just a drag out fight with timeouts and toys being taken away. From what I hear, girls can sometimes be easier in this regard (less aggressive or wound up), so I guess time will tell with kiddo #2, but jeez, some days it’s like wrestling with a cat. 

On the other hand, at 3 C can actually start helping around the house, he puts his dishes in the sink, puts his trash away, dirty clothes in the hamper and is (hallelujah!) potty trained. If he’s sick he knows he needs medicine and when he’s hungry I’m not wondering what’s going on. 

I just wish somedays a national war didn’t break out over teeth brushing.


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