The Tube Debate



Since I’ve been home more with C, I’d be lying if I said he doesn’t watch more TV. When he was in daycare 5 days a week, sometimes they would put a movie on Friday afternoon, but other than that, he was pretty busy with other kids, playing etc. I’ve been pretty good (or so I think) about putting together multiple other learning crafts/games, etc. for C when we’re home, including going outside to the park, the zoo, or even in the backyard to play with sidewalk chalk, bubbles or water play in the summer, but TV happens.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel though about more TV. Research I’ve seen is conflicting. His “shows” are all age appropriate, and focus on learning within the program. There’s a certain point where he can only finger paint so long, and wants to watch a show or movie. Also, he’s still in preschool two full days a week, so I feel like he’s still getting the social and “school” environment he was before. 

Like all parenting debates (breastfeeding, eating sugar, etc.), TV ranks right up there. I remember watching a lot of Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc. as a kid (now I’m dating myself!), and the like, and somehow was able to still figure out how to get both an undergrad and graduate degree. I feel like anything else with parenting, do the research, be informed, be engaged with your kid, but also pay attention. IMO, if you’re never interacting with your kid and the TV is the parent, then probably no bueno. If your kid is learning, happy and TV (even if in larger quantities than the parents council, local blog or other expert recommends) is one of the activities your child engages in, then don’t worry about it so much. 

Of course it’s been belabored endlessly online, but jeez, parenting (whether while working outside the home or not) is freakin’ hard. Days can be filled with wonder and imagination, and sometimes are lazy and filled with watching Nemo again (and again). Whatever. Is your kid happy and not a jerk? You’re probably doing OK. Actually, you are doing OK. 



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