The Second Time Around

In a lot of ways this pregnancy is the same as my first. I’m one season off from when C was born in January, but able to wear 90% of the maternity clothes I bought the first time around. Even in the three years between them however, I’ve forgotten some things. Now that I’m almost 6 months along, every day I remember things like “oh right, this heartburn won’t go away for the next three months”, and “yes, actually having a burrito for lunch is a federal emergency” (this happened this weekend, the real burrito I wanted was 30 miles away but I sacrificed and had one from down the street). I’m not sure if the fact that I’m carrying a girl makes a difference. She hangs out in different places and is only active certain times of the day – C was a monster kicker and also would do some really amazing booty dances when in utero. 

Every day now C and I talk about baby sister, how he’s going to help and what it may be like when she’s here. The fact of the matter is that, I don’t really know how she’ll be. Though I’m better prepared this time around for having a newborn, I’ve never had a newborn AND a 3 year old to contend with. C will want to play outside, go to the park, the library, etc., and for a little while, we’ll have to just hang around the house. He likes to snuggle with me in the morning, so how will that work? Fortunately, he’s been very sweet playing a music box for her up to my stomach, and talking about how he’ll help feed her milk. I’m under no impression that every day will be a joy, but I hope the fact that he’s a little older will help him adjust. As an only child myself I can only assume how it’ll be.

 I hope it will be like this:Image


But know it’ll more likely be something like this:



I guess we’ll find out for sure in about 16 weeks!


One thought on “The Second Time Around

  1. The contrast between those two pictures makes me laugh. There were aspects of both between me and my siblings!

    I am 12 weeks from seeing how my four-year-old takes it all. I, too, am just remembering the heartburn really doesn’t stop. 🙂

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