It’s been a while…

Well, we got majorly caught up with the holidays, hence the lack of blogging. Seems like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas really flew by this year and kept us on our toes. Now all the decorations are down and it’s back to normal.

The other big news is that C is going to be a big brother this Spring! He’s going to have a baby sister, which is both exciting and nerve wracking as I’m not sure if I’m ready for all the chaos having a newborn brings (and also a 3 year old…). Also have a girl vs. a boy this time will be a change. When they’re that little, it’s very similar I’m sure, but just going through all of C’s clothes and such, and seeing how much energy he has now, I wonder if she’ll be different. C somewhat understands what’s going on, as my belly gets bigger he knows baby sister is in there, and we’ve set up a nursery with all of his old furniture, but I think nothing can really prepare a 3 year old to have to split attention with another kiddo. I was a only child, so I’ll be of no help – ha! I think it will be good though, there’s times where I’m just too pooped to play with him, and although it’ll take a while, it’ll be nice to have them go off and play together in a few years.¬†

A few friends and my sister-in-law have set me up big time with girls clothes. I don’t think I need to buy one outfit for this kid’s first year. I have to replace a few baby things but that’s about it. We’re also going to (or try to) cloth diaper this time. I found a set of the one-size Charlie Banana diapers at Target on a crazy clearance so I though why not. It could be a disaster, or I could feel stupid for not trying it earlier. My thought it that if they do work out, they pay for themselves in about 3 months of what disposables would have cost. That would be a nice savings over two years!

Here’s to the new year, a new baby and hopefully an easy adjustment from a one kid parent to a two kid parent!


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