C will be almost three this Halloween. Last year, we took him trick or treating, but he really didn’t get it and it ended up being more hassle than it was probably worth, however, he did look very cute in his pirate costume. The transformation in interest in Halloween since last year has been amazing. He’s much more interested and involved in everything Halloween, though he still didn’t care too much about his costume. Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and decorations are fascinating for him. He will even sit through about 1/2 of Nightmare Before Christmas before he gets bored. It’s actually really fun to see him so excited about the holiday. Though I wasn’t a huge Halloween fan growing up, it was always fun to dress up and go trick or treating. The neighborhood I grew up in happened to have some of the best candy in Los Angeles (yes, one of those neighborhoods where people drive from far away and let off a bus of kids…). We’ll try trick or treating again this year, and I think now he’ll have so much more fun. Now, what do I do when he wants to EAT all this candy….


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