Kiddo Vacation

ImageThe first time we went on a mini vacation with C, he was about 9 months old. We went for two nights right before Thanksgiving. Though we had fun, he was still napping two times during the day, pretty much obliterating any plans past going to the mall or getting lunch. We had grand plans for a visit to the zoo or other theme park, but the weather combined with his age just wasn’t jiving.

Our second trip with C was to Las Vegas. I have to admit, people looked at me like I was a wee bit crazy for taking an 18 month old to Vegas, but to be honest, you just do everything earlier. You’re at the pool by 8:30, you eat dinner at 5, you’re back in the room by 8. The nice thing was that we could switch off going downstairs, gambling a bit, and still feeling like we got our Vegas-on.

We just got back from our most recent vacation with C, and the longest at almost a week. Things went a lot smoother this time around with a 2.5 year old. First, he naps only in the afternoon, and we can usually delay this until 2pm or so, so we were able to get quite a lot done (pool, lunch, and even the requisite visit to Sea World – see above). We stayed at a very family-friendly resort, which helped immensely, since the whole place pretty much shut down at 9pm.

We’ve been gunshy about planning any trips that involve an airplane yet. Living in Southern California, there’s an abundance of traveling options only a few hours by car, so we’re going to milk that as long as we can. 

Overall, we had a successful trip, even bought C his own kiddo Aerobed for the room, and we even go to enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony after he went to sleep. Hooray!



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