Pool Party


Last summer, we took C to swimming lessons. At about 18 months, it was more about getting him used to the water, a pool, and starting on kicking, blowing bubbles and playing. This summer, I was determined to get him more involved in swimming, and water play as 1) we live where it’s hot for 4 1/2 months out of the year 2) some of my earliest memories were swimming lessons, and growing up a mile from the beach, I have the requisite “beach baby” photos, I want to have the same of C. 

I took him to the same pool we took lessons at last year, and though he had fun, he couldn’t really splash as it’s still pretty deep for a 2 year old at 4ft. One day we were at the park, and I found the little wading pool next to the playground is open twice a week during the summer. It’s about 9 inches deep, free, and even has a lifeguard. Score.

We went for the first time last week, with a freshly napped and snacked 2 year old. He swam and played for 2 hours. That’s a LONG time to keep the attention span of a 2 year old, so I was ecstatic. I’m so glad we’re able to do these activities during the week. It’s really a shame how so many of the city-sponsored activities favor families who have weekdays off, but we’re taking advantage while we can.

It’s also amazing how to a 2 year old, a relatively small wading pool is the equivalent of swimming in the ocean. Swim along, little fish. 


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