The Playground

Since I’m home with C more now, we spend a lot of time at the playgrounds in our area. We’re lucky that our neighborhood is family friendly and there’s many choices where a preschooler can run off some energy (this is called the “you’re gonna nap” tactic).

Of course, the playground is also free for everyone else, so there’s a variety of parent/caregiver “types” you run across:

1) “What, I came here with a kid?”

You know these types. The kid runs wild, almost kills himself 10 times, is sometimes mean to other kids and the parents look on like “well, he’s 4, our work’s done”. Grr. We usually just leave as it’s not worth the argument if their kid hits mine, or another toddler on toddler casualty occurs.

2) “Don’t acknowledge I’m here, don’t talk to me or my kid.”

OK listen, I’m ALL about people not getting up in your biz, but you are at a PUBLIC park, and if our kids are playing nicely, and I ask “how old is little Igor (or insert trendy name here)?”, you can answer me without sounding like I just asked you how much money you make and how much you weigh.

3) “Kid Sickness Denial Train, 2013”

These parents/caregivers I guess just don’t seem to see that little Jimmy has boogers galore, is coughing non-stop and is licking/touching every piece of equipment and other child on the playground. Hey, I know that there’s some serious cabin fever staying home with the kiddo when sick, but it’s your fiduciary duty as a parent to not bring your sick kid to the playground. This also follows the “don’t be a jerk” reasoning, but you know, general public, so…

Overall, most parents/grandparents/nannies are considerate and their children are well behaved and C plays with them well. I guess like everything else in life, a few have to ruin it for everyone. I wish there was timeout for a-hole parents.


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