The Drop Off


Oh the preschool drop off, even though C is now part-time, it’s something we both have to gear up for in the morning. It starts with “Hey C, want to get dressed and see friends?”. C says  “maybe later, more Gabba” (the constant IV-drip need of Yo Gabba Gabba is for another post). Then we get ready, get in the car, and talk about school for the 10 minutes it takes to drive there. When we drive up, C asserts “NO SCHOOL!!”. I park and take him in. We put his clothes away in his cubby, and I give him his school blanket. Then starts the REAL fun. His teacher (bless her heart), is trying to distract him with the plethora (literally, hundreds) of toy options and he says “Go to Mommy’s car” (i.e. get me the hell out of here). I leave feeling somewhat more sorry for his teacher than I do C (does that make me evil?). Of course, when I pick him up he’s a happy clam and tells me all about his day, I just hope this gets easier, especially as we inch closer to kindergarten


One thought on “The Drop Off

  1. I think you shouldn’t feel sorry at all. As you said, when you pick him up he’s happy, that means he had a geat time. Lots of children experience dificulties when they are dropped off, but in a few minutes they’re ready to play. As a preschool teacher I found it very helpful when parents feel relaxed and say goodbye without postponing the moment. You’ll see that in time he won’t have this problem anymore, especially if you bring him in every day. Hope it helped. Good luck!

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